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Always provide the best quality products to customers and to achieve a leading position in the overall market of the country.


Our mission is to bring new products to market and adopt innovation with modernism and to get complete customer satisfaction for every product.

About Saras

Saras Detergent - In the field of manufacturing cake and washing powder, the seeds of this company were sown in the year 1970 in the name of Amar Detergent Cake and Powder brand. In the year 1992, it became known as Prakash Detergenet and then in 1998, the company launched its brand SARAS in the market with first white detergent cake. Today, under the brand SARAS, detergent cakes and powders are manufactured, which has become the second name of quality and trust for many customers.


54000 Sq ft Extensively expanding our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, with the use of latest technology with latest machinery, diverse products is manufactured. From the quality of raw materials to the production of detergents, quality check and final dispatch, quality control rules are followed at each stage.

S aras has a complete range of laundry products with great cleaning power for all your laundry needs! Here, you can find out more about all detergents from Saras. And, if you are wondering which Saras laundry detergent will suit your washing needs best, read our product list below! It’s packed with information about detergent powder, liquid detergent, and detergent soap, so you can make an informed purchase and wish goodbye to all the tough stains that you regularly face.